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Where's The Beef?

Although meat department sales hit a record $81.8 billion in 2021, inflation drove some of this growth due to increases in meat prices. Inflation will cause a dip in meat sales this year, but meat will still be a staple in American freezers, and most people would still rather buy their meat where they are getting the rest of their groceries.

The trick is to get customers' attention and then to the meat cases. Here are a few examples of how Off The Wall has helped accomplish this for some grocery clients.

In the picture above, the client wanted to communicate by picturing the finished product. Whereas raw meat might convey the idea of freshness to some customers, nothing is as appealing as the image of a steak grilled to perfection.

Off The Wall has multiple state-or-the-art printers rolling out quality imagery 24 hours a day in three shifts.

When imagery does not fit with the rest of the store design, then typography and decor are an effective means of communication.

Some grocers, such as SuperOne, pictured above, combine their butcher shops with their seafood departments. Here typography and a dramatically arched faux wood facade get the customer's attention.

Sales of packaged meats and meats ready for freezing will increase in the coming year. Attracting customers to these areas will be beneficial to both merchants and clients.

Mixing up the manner of presentation, colors, and how elements are scaled, and lit, makes signs much more eye-catching. Adding dimensional letters to the visual merchandising mix keeps customers from being lulled by what could gradually become "wallpaper" to their perception of retail space as they move through it.

Off The Wall is expert in every aspect of creating effective signs. We have been for over forty years now.


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