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The Writing On The Wall

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Signs are the most efficient and reliable workers a store can have. They wait patiently to communicate with customers and do so from the moment they walk through the door, and then they are always there when a shopper looks up in search of what they want to buy next.

The Ravitz family wanted to take this traditional role of signs one step further, and Off The Wall is proud to have been the decor company they chose to fabricate and install the decor in their ShopRite Market in Cherry Hill, N.J.

Most signage is designed to make people stop and think before taking action, but the signs in this ShopRite are also meant to make shoppers smile and experience the friendliness of their hosts.

Some signs don't even have anything to do with signaling where products are located; these are simply meant to remind customers that they can enjoy themselves while accomplishing a chore.

When designing a sign, it is essential to ask, what is its mission or purpose? The signage in this store effectively directs people to their sought-after destinations.

But the store has a lot of existing low-hanging functional wiring and plumbing to contend with, and standard signage would have just looked too dry and severe. So to functionality, the Ravitz family added a spoonful of fun.

Signs need to be clear, noticeable, understandable, and attractive. On top of that, they must consistently complement a store's branding.

The Ravitz family has accomplished this with their friendly signage.

Off The Wall has been creating decor for nearly a half-century.


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