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Scale and Proportion in Retail Decor

Updated: May 10

Scale refers to the relative size of objects within a space and how these elements relate to the overall dimensions of that space.

It is crucial for the experience of harmony and balance. Scaling the decor elements correctly will make a space feel cohesive and, thus, visually appealing.

The dimensions of objects in relation to each other in the same space are referred to as proportion.

Off The Wall works closely with its clients to resolve any design, scale, and proportion issues before beginning a design or with designs submitted by clients simply for fabrication and installation.

The height and angles at which decor elements are suspended must be concerned with visual impact, visibility in relation to other decor and structural impediments, lighting, and sight lines from department to department.

Off The Wall has been creating decor and millwork of all sizes with state-of-the-art printers, automated routers, and various types of millwork machinery, regardless of size or materials, for over forty-five years.

BJ's operates 252 clubs, employing nearly 30,000 people in 17 states. Off The Wall began its collaboration with BJ's 11 years ago building big box stores.

This article includes pictures of a club recently completed in Johnson City, New York.

The immense square footage of a big-box store requires tall ceiling heights.

Tall ceiling heights and massive floor space require appropriately sized signage and decor. BJ's soffits are 10 feet tall and run longer than a football field end to end. Banners can measure over 20 feet long. 

Off The Wall has the floor space for fabrication and warehousing area to work with signage, millwork, and decor of any size specified by our clients.


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