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Trends in Retail for the rest of 2024

Forbes recently outlined its views on what the rest of 2024 will look like for retailers. It's nothing we have yet to hear, starting with the rise in technology-based shopping, but Forbes is backing up its predictions with some interesting data.

1. Technology In Brick and Mortar: Investments by retailers during the pandemic will accelerate in the areas of Buy-Online-Pick-Up-in-Store and self-checkout 

2. Integration of online and in-location offerings through consistent branding. 

3. Catering to customers' sustainability expectations with their products or from sustainable companies. 

4. A large majority of consumers expect their retailers to be familiar with their individual tastes. 

5. Get ready for customers demand and getting used to mobile payments, magic wand payments, and Internet Of Things devices to complete their purchases. 

6. Carrying local goods and providing space to build community and connection among their clients. 

7. Most customers feel that the experience a store provides is as important as the products they offer. This is the main attraction we're getting people off-line.

8. Use of smart devices and Internet-of-Things to manage stores, merchants, employees, and merchandise. 

9. Integration of social media influences

For a deeper look into these trends with interesting statistics, click here


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