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Congratulations Bob Troxell On 23 Years with Off The Wall

Bob Troxell celebrates his 23rd anniversary with Off The Wall this month. When a back injury in 2001 sidetracked his career as an auto mechanic, Bob applied with Off The Wall for what he thought would be a temporary job. 

He was hired to do an assortment of jobs around the factory, such as sweeping up or cutting vinyl track for aisle signs.

He was well-liked and could have trained for any single job he liked with the company, but Bobby's mechanical intelligence soon had him learning how to work various machines in the factory—and then all of them—and not just learning them but becoming proficient with all of them. He later became UL-certified.  

Today, Bob's journey has led him to the role of Production Manager. In this capacity, he oversees operations in millwork, fabrication, and printing for Off The Wall, a testament to his dedication and success within the company.  


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