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Off The Wall's Floral Departments

Supermarket floral departments play a crucial role in enhancing the shopping experience for customers by adding touches of natural colors and beauty to an otherwise bustling retail environment.

ShopRite - Moosic, PA

Off The Wall has been designing, fabricating, and installing decor components for floral departments for over forty years.

SuperOne - Superior, WI

Key Foods - 69th Street, Brooklyn NY

Traditionally the floral department is strategically placed near the store entrance to attract shoppers and encourage impulse purchases. It also serves as a focal point, inviting customers deeper into the store, thereby increasing foot traffic and potential sales for other departments.

ShopRite - Swedesboro, NJ

An array of vibrant colors and fragrances greet Customers and captivate their senses by creating a pleasant atmosphere.

ShopRite - Cherry Hill, NJ

Off The Wall knows that the design of the decor in floral departments must reinforce and enhance the product placed on often dense shelving.

Gelson's Market - Calabasas, CA

Floral departments in supermarkets elevate any store's shopping experience. Off The Wall's designers, engineers, and installers can enhance the design efforts in these and all other store's departments.


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