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Off The Wall Murals: Large, Grand, Effective

Murals are different from all other signs in that they are organically connected to the architecture in which they exist.

Both walls pictured above have murals printed by Off The Wall. The black and white mural on the back wall is obvious. Not so obvious is the closer one printed to look like brick and stone. Wood is also a popular mural background.

Because of their scale, a mural's use of color, design, and thematic treatment can radically alter the sensation of proportion in a store.

In this sense, murals can feel three-dimensional in how they affect a customer's perception of space.

By putting windows in front of a landscape, this produce department feels "opened up".

Murals can have a monumental quality and overwhelm the space that holds them.

Murals like this are so effective because they can be seen across large expanses to let customers know where the department they are looking for is.

Murals mounted directly on walls can deepen a customer's sense of space.

Murals installed on soffits push out into the space to attract a customer's attention.

With extra-large format printers working 24 hours a day and capable of printing on practically any material up to 2 inches thick, Off The Wall is here to design, fabricate, and install murals of any size.


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