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McCaffrey's and Off The Wall

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

McCaffrey's has just opened its eighth food store. The latest location is in Gladwyne, PA, in a new structure built from the ground up.

The company is a family-owned and run business founded by Jim McCaffrey III in 1980. Half of its supermarkets are in Bucks County. Two are in New Jersey, and two, Gladwyne being the second, are in Montgomery County, PA.

Example of decor done previously for McCaffrey's in Yardley, PA

Restricting the business to a manageable geographical area has been part of its recipe for success. And by all measures, McCaffrey's is highly successful.

Personal supervision of operations has primarily been the job of the father and son team Jim III and Jim IV since the opening of the Yardley store in 1986.

The Gladwyne store is McCaffrey's fifth collaboration with Off The Wall and the second from an original design first used on the New Hope, PA store in 2020.

Their collaboration with Off The Wall began with the Newtown store in the summer of 2012:

Example of decor done previously for McCaffrey's in Newtown, PA

Twelve years later, the partnership continues to flourish with remodels of previous designs slated for 2024.

Off The Wall has been partnering with winners for over 40 years.


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