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Considerations For a Remodel

Updated: May 28

A well-run store is the basis of any successful retail operation, but an exceptional customer experience also requires intelligent and efficient retail store design.

The design of a store can make a customer feel psychologically and emotionally comfortable in a space, affect their trust in the retailer, and affect their attitudes towards how uncluttered a store feels.  

The impact of store design on sales is quantifiable when it considers factors such as Traffic Flow, Visibility of Departments across the entire selling floor, Psychological Use of Color, and Lighting.


Large retail environments have many different sales areas that must transition with each other to satisfy changing customer expectations. Attractive and easy-to-find overhead structures and well-placed perimeter décor will move a customer through these environments efficiently and accurately predict what to expect. The use of display tables and shelving strategically stocked and placed throughout the store will also move customers from department to department.


Anyone who has decided upon colors for their store knows these choices are not taken lightly. The subliminal effect of color on people is significant. It is the key ingredient in any décor package. Working very closely with their clients, Off The Wall develops a color scheme based on how the clientele in a store is to be affected. Other times, the colors in a store have been branded for many years before OTW begins work, and then the trick is to refine the use of those colors into effective harmonies. For a quick refresher on the hidden meaning of colors, click here for an in-depth article we published previously:


Lighting for retail is based on contrasting the variety of products being offered in each section of the store. It allows the customer to focus on one thing at a time. An over lit store overwhelms the customer’s ability to focus. Striking a proper balance between ambient and accent lighting is key. For the same reason, plan for minimal selection of contrasting color temperatures.

Accent lighting is fun, but accent everything and you wind up emphasizing nothing. Carefully choose the products you want to pop. Good accent lighting requires the right amount of ambient light. This allows customers to better inspect, examine, and evaluate store merchandise.

Opt for a selection of adjustable recessed lights or track lighting so that you are not locked into a single floor layout. Future products may require more or less or multiple partitioned spaces, so try to think ahead. A few questions to keep in mind: What do the products in each department require? How much space between light fixtures is required? Where are they located? Are there too many different fixtures randomly placed throughout the space?

Off The Wall has been advising customers with questions having to do with Lighting; which colors and materials to use on walls, floors, signage and decor; as well as designing signage, decor, and fixtures that facillitate traffic flow in all types of retail environments for over 45 years.

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