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Line and Pattern in Retail Decor

Lines in retail decor lead the eye and hopefully the feet towards a destination. Patterns communicate feelings and create a mood.

Ahold Giant - Falls Church, VA

A pattern is the repetition or arrangement of lines or shapes into a decorative design.

Whole Foods - Calabasas, CA

Things really get moving when we design with Line Patterns. Repeating lines in a regular way to create a pattern can result in a beautiful and impactful visual effect.

Aldi - Philadelphia, PA

Key Foods Emporium - Albertson, NY

SuperOne - Grand Rapids, MI

But "in a regular way" does not always mean predictably or uniformly. Designers can get very creative when composing with abstract or random line patterns.

SuperOne - Grand Rapids, MI

However, it's shapes that are more often used in the making of patterns.

Whole Foods - Palm Beach, FL

Whole Foods - Temecal, CA

McCaffrey's - Yardley, PA

Uncle Giuseppe's - Long Island, NY

Below, identically shaped and colored signs create a pattern visible from any point in the store

Gabes - New Castle, PA

And here is an example utilizing a combination of line and shape patterns resulting in a whimsical effect.

Whole Foods - Calabasas, CA

Whatever your design, fabrication, and installation needs are, Off The Wall has a stellar completion and delivery record.


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