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Latest Millwork By Off The Wall

Updated: May 28

Off The Wall has created beautiful and efficient millwork for over forty-five years. Beginning in a small 800-square-foot shop with just a couple of craftsmen, complex retail millwork programs are now manufactured in a space totaling over 1.0M sq. ft. and using state-of-the-art millwork equipment.

One nationwide customer partnering with Off The Wall for counter, desk, and cabinet needs is Amplifion / Miracle Ear.

Another national client is Target's Optical Departments. To date, we have delivered over 10,000 units to 200 Targets across the country.

For a collaborative relationship creating your custom millwork and commercial casework solutions, contact Off The Wall, no matter where you are based in the US and Canada.


Our project management team and industry-leading technology deliver exceptional results on every type of job.

Give us a call at 215 453 9400 or click on the messaging box in the corner of this page!


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