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High Definition Printing

Updated: Jun 13

Off The Wall has been printing with high-volume, superwide VUTEks since 2009, upgrading printers as new iterations are developed. With multiple printers these periodic upgrades go smoothly because installation can take as long as a week on each unit. This month OTW starts its gradual conversion to EFI's re-engineered and refined VUTEk h5's.

Moving out the previous printers to make way for the new h5's

VUTEk's inkjet technology enables printing on almost any material, even those as thick as bricks, at speeds and quality that are the most competitive in the world. It enables Off The Wall to guarantee its murals and faux wall graphics against abrasion, chemicals, and fading.

Off The Wall takes productivity, print quality, and reliability very seriously. With these modern units that also offer new optional color configurations, we will be able to print up to 109 10.5-foot-wide boards per hour at 1,200 dpi resolution, with more control over our prints than ever before.

Training the print team on the first h5 printer begins this week.

This all means that "Yes," is a word Off The Wall will be able to say more often than we already do with client requests.


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