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Checking Out With Off The Wall

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

One thing that all retail outlets have in common is checkout areas near their exits. These areas are designed for the efficient processing of customer purchases.

Big Apple Meat Market - New York City, NY

McCaffrey's Food Market - Gladwyne, PA

Off The Wall knows that from a design point of view, the exit area of a supermarket must seamlessly tie in with the theme and colors and feeling that has been established in the rest of the store.

Whole Foods - West Palm Beach, FL

Hive - Airmont, NY

Whole Foods - Temescal, CA

Gabe's - Butler, PA

Although they have evolved significantly over the years, the signage and decor guiding customers through the process of paying for their goods remain relatively the same.

SuperFresh - New York City, NY

ShopRite - Deer Park, NJ

Off The Wall has been a key player in the evolution of supermarket design across the country for over forty-five years. This has meant growing with developments in decor, design, and value materials from year to year.

Rastelli's - Marlton, NJ

ShopRite - Cherry Hill, NJ

Despite technological advances, manned checkout lanes remain essential, providing personal assistance, addressing questions, and helping with unexpected issues. They also cater to customers who prefer a traditional shopping experience.

McCaffrey's - Doylestown, NJ

But there is no denying a trend towards self-checkout kiosks. These automated systems allow customers to scan and bag their items, expediting the shopping process and reducing labor costs for retailers.

ShopRite - Cromwell, NJ

Whole Foods - Oakland, CA

They can provide a sense of control for customers, who can avoid long lines and complete their transactions at their own pace. However, some consumers find self-checkout systems impersonal and miss the human interaction cashiers offer.

Giant - Falls Church, VA

Supermarket checkouts, in their various forms, are a critical part of the retail landscape, serving the diverse needs and preferences of shoppers while constantly adapting to the demands of the modern consumer.

ShopRite - Somerset, NJ

Rastelli's - Marlton, NJ

JOANN - Various National Locations


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