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Inspired Retail Design - Value Engineering


Off the Wall  designs, engineers and fabricates custom store fixtures and decor for leading national retailers throughout North America.


We are a complete one source solution - from concept to completion, since 1976.


We have over 2 million sq. ft. of in-house and outsourced manufacturing and warehouse space available to produce large roll out programs for major national retailers like Joann.

LUXOTTICA works with Off The Wall to engineer and produce graphics, custom wood and metal fixtures for their large scale rollout to Target Optical stores.

To date Off The Wall has engineered and fabricated custom millwork and signage for over 200 stores over the past 5 years.





Scale and Proportion in Retail Decor

Scale refers to the relative size of objects within a space and how these elements relate to the overall dimensions of that space.It is crucial for the experience of harmony and balance. Scaling the decor elements correctly will make a space feel cohesive and, thus, visually appealing.Off The Wall works closely with its clients to resolve any design, scale, and proportion issues before beginning a design or with designs submitted by clients simply for fabrication and installation.


Latest Millwork By Off The Wall

Off The Wall has created beautiful and efficient millwork for over forty-five years. Beginning in a small 800-square-foot shop with just a couple of craftsmen, complex retail millwork programs are now manufactured in a space totaling over 1.0M sq. ft. and using state-of-the-art millwork equipment.


New Greg Norman Outlet Store in Atlanta

The opening of the new Greg Norman clothing location in Atlanta earlier this year generated a lot of excitement. The store offers an impressive selection of premium-quality golf and casual apparel. Off The Wall was selected to value engineer and fabricate this beautiful new store's decor, which reflects the Collection's unique combination of performance, luxury, and style.

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