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Uncle Giuseppe and Off The Wall Do It Again

Walk through any of Uncle Giuseppe's grocery stores and you'll agree that it's not just a supermarket. It's an experience. Carl Delprete, co-founder and CEO of Uncle Giuseppe’s, concurs. Their latest store, with decor and millwork all fabricated and installed by Off The Wall Co. of Telford, Pennsylvania, is no exception.

From the mural designed by Off Wall outside the store, to the gorgeous tromp l’oeil ceilings over the produce department and tunnels that guide customers into the store, and to the ornate pillars and Renaissance soffits and archways, it's worth a trip to an Uncle Giuseppe's even if you don't need any groceries. However, you won't leave empty-handed.

The little cottage structures selling cheeses, candies, pastas beckon you, and with Uncle G's selection of hard-to-find items, a lot of what is on display will end up in your shopping cart.

Uncle Giuseppe's anchors the Route 10 Briarcliff Commons Mall in Morris Plains along with Kohl's at the other end of the parking lot.

"This is a vibrant mall," Mayor Jason Karr said at the hugely successful opening teeming with loyal customers. "When small malls are closing, this one is full. Morris Plains will complement Uncle Giuseppe's, and Uncle Giuseppe's will complement Morris Plains."

It's the Long Island chain's 10th supermarket, and their second in New Jersey. Ramsey is the other Garden State location.


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