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The Role of Color in Retail

The colors in an effectively designed store are not chosen in a random way. Off The Wall knows this, and so do their clients.

Color is the key ingredient in any décor package. Working very closely with their clients, Off The Wall develops a color scheme based on how the clientele in a store is to be affected. Other times the colors in a store have been branding it for many years before OTW begins work and then the trick is to refine the use of those colors into effective harmonies.

Uncle Giuseppe’s on Long Island strives for an old world look to make its customers feel at home. It’s not a store someone pops into for some quick shopping, and the colors used in the décor make customers want to spend more time there. This is achieved through the use of the warmest tones and old world architecture.

This ShopRite in Yardley, PA is after a feeling of efficiency by giving their customers the feeling that what they need can be found quickly while they browse and shop. The use of primary colors in the decor creates a very simple palette making the store's offerings really stand out.

A variation on this efficiency theme is Aldi’s “back to the basics” color scheme. They start with a clean slate, literally. The backgrounds of their unlit signs look like old-fashioned blackboards made of black or dark brown slate. On top of these they use mainly primary and a few secondary colors. Simple and yet eye-catchingly effective.

This Moosic, PA ShopRite feels that excitement is what their clientele will respond to and they have a large canvas on which to splash a variety of colors. Various departments use colors that correspond with what they sell there.

Warmer colors such as reds and oranges are associated with passion and make customers think of food that’s piping hot, spicy and/or flavorful

Wood tones and green are associated with nature, freshness, and healthy.

Blue is associated with cleanliness and ice-packed freshness

In the dairy section wood is used with the color blue which, again, makes customers think of ice-cold and fresh. And the wood conjures up ideas of nature and farms. The decor package in this Moosic ShopRite has proven to be highly effective.

Off The Wall designs, fabricates, and installs innovative décor for retail spaces. We can transform your existing colors into dynamic harmonies or work with you to develop a whole new palette.

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