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The Printed Word

With two superwide-format hybrid inkjet printers often running 24 hours a day, Off the Wall is equipped to create signs on various substrates: anything from EPVC plastics to foam board or vinyl, to wood boards or corrugated metal.

Off The Wall designs, fabricates, and installs sensational, three-dimensional retail decor. And battling for the customer's eye is top of the list for what that decor is meant to accomplish.

Still, design in retail is also meant to set a mood, and the most basic tool in a designer's satchel is the use of simple two-dimensional signs.

Key among all the design elements in a sign meant to communicate a store's personality and set a mood are fonts and color, especially coordinated colors differentiated from their backgrounds by degrees of saturation.

Fonts and color impact how a retailer's words on signs appear visually — often these specific typefaces and fonts are reflected on exterior signage, logos, even calling cards and Websites.

This all matters when it comes to establishing a brand, upgrading your brand for better recall, and planting the seeds for loyalty, engagement, and retention.

Off The Wall can develop and design a store's fonts on original signage or work with existing signs, duplicating a store's fonts and colors.

But our expertise will make those existing signs sing as they've never been experienced before


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