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The Future of Frozen Foods

Updated: 3 days ago

Shelf space for frozen foods will need to increase soon, as retail sales in this sector will continue to experience significant growth in 2024.  

ShopRite - Burlington, NJ by Off The Wall

Much of this growth is due to rising prices, but consumers are increasingly prioritizing value and convenience with visits to the frozen meals and desserts aisles.

Ahold - Giant - Falls Church, VA by Off The Wall

Frozen food retail sales grew 7.9% to reach $74.2 billion in the past year—an increase of more than $10 billion in the past three years.

Aldi - Brooklyn, NY by Off The Wall

"Globally inspired flavors, evolving use of kitchen appliances, and a surge in breakfast foods are just some of the emerging trends," according to the study, Future of Frozen Food 2024 in PR Newswire.

SuperOne - Superior, WI - by Off The Wall

Acosta's Shopper Insights Study in Capstone Partners, finds that the main segment of frozen food shoppers are Millenials.  

Ahold Giant - Souderton, PA by Off The Wall

Furthermore, "98% of households are purchasing frozen food and 86% of shoppers visiting the frozen food aisle during every trip to the grocery store....while 80% of Americans choose frozen food at least once a week, and most consume frozen food products an estimated four times per week."

Ahold Giant - Souderton, PA by Off The Wall

Off The Wall continues to grow as well, as it has for over 45 years, to keep up with the millwork, design, and decor demands of its growing client list of food retailers.


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