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The Ease, Affordability, and Effectiveness of Murals

Wise retailers from clothing boutiques to cafes, automotive showrooms to supermarkets, and everything in between boost their sales by creating an attractive environment for customers. One way to make a big impression is with murals, either as a faux structural material or as an element with impactful design.

Off The Wall has been designing, fabricating, and installing large-scale murals for over forty years. We print on a large variety of materials of varied thicknesses. This is important when cost, ease of installation, weight, and durability are factors.

Combining elements such as a mural background with dimensional lettering is as impactful as it is affordable.

These wood planks are EPVC panels printed to look like wood and then routed to give a sense of separation to each plank. This adds another layer of reality to an already realistic-looking effect. What would a wall like this one weigh and cost using actual wood planks? What would it add to the look and feel that this mural doesn't already accomplish?

At Off The Wall, we provide numerous sizes, images, materials, and personalization options. Your mural will be one of a kind. We can work from your designs or closely with you on an original design. Once fabricated, we can ship it, personally deliver it to your installers with instructions, or install it ourselves.

Off The Wall makes murals seem so easy.

Click here to see more examples of effective murals.


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