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The Aims of Effective Retail Design

Updated: Jul 1

The aim of retail design entails more than simply providing access to products through a maze of aisles. Ideally, the design of retail decor is concerned with creating coherent yet varied feelings from department to department as it leads customers through the entire store.

The feelings that attract the customer from department to department can be impressed curiosity directed at a structure's shape, amazement over its scale, familiarity with a pleasing pattern, or psychological reactions to a well synthesized color palette.

It is compelling, alluring, and coherent decor that makes customers want to stay and explore a retail space well after they've picked out what they initially came for.

Scale refers to the relative size of objects within a space and how these elements relate to the overall dimensions of that space.

BJ's excels at creating order in its massive spaces by utilizing scale, leading lines, and pleasing color combinations. BJs impressive perimeter soffits offset the steel racks that hold their jumbo-sized products.

As one big-box executive put it, "Looking so affordable isn't easy." Off The Wall has been creating effective color palettes with state-of-the-art printers and decor and millwork of all sizes with automated routers, and various types of millwork machinery, in all types of materials, for over forty-five years.


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