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Prepared Foods in the Post-Pandemic Era

There are certain things that customers may always want to do in person and not online. One of these is shopping for prepared foods at a supermarket or deli.

Part of the charm of buying prepared foods is seeing the freshness and the ingredients right before our eyes as opposed to pictures of a meal on a restaurant menu or on an app.

Past studies demonstrated the popularity of prepared foods among people aged 20 to 40 is the highest it's ever been. That trend continues even while the number of people shopping online for other products remains high.

Take-out is also a popular choice for people who don’t want to cook and who aren’t ready to return to indoor restaurants. The demarcation between traditional grocers and restaurants will continue to blur.

Supermarkets can capitalize on these trends with the dynamic design of their deli sections.

Ideally, the goal is to temporarily take a customer out of a traditional supermarket setting while she or he is grocery shopping, and then leave a lasting impression with superior food and service.

These have been a few samples of the exciting work Off The Wall is doing in this area of supermarket décor.


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