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Off The Wall Makes Light Boxes

The most effective way to set a sign apart from its surroundings is to put an general light source next to it or aim a focused light at it from a few feet away.

Gelson's - Calabassas, CA

Spotlights can be very effective when correctly distributed across a sign and balanced with the ambient light around the sign.

Gabe's - Various US Locations

But this is not always possible, and with more controlled lighting, hot spots on signs become more of a problem. They can make signs difficult to appreciate depending on where a customer stands.

Placing incandescent or fluorescent units behind dimensional lettering results in a clever use of hotspots. Backlit letters are eye-catching, but this method only works when the objects being lit, such as individual letters, are meant to be viewed in silhouette.

Oakley - Manhattan, New York

Stop & Shop - Windsor, CT

Gelson's - Calabassas, CA

When pictures occupy a larger area of the sign than simple lettering, a more desirable way of lighting the entire sign evenly and without hotspots is with a light box.

ShopRite - Hainesport, NJ

In more dramatic configurations, light boxes are used to illuminate a graphic that simultaneously backlights dimensional letters arranged in front of it.

ShopRite - Various New Jersey Locations

Rastelli's - Marlton, NJ

ShopRite - Moosic, PA

Simply described, a light box is a translucent surface illuminated from inside with no light spilled behind the sign or leaking around it. The graphic will be seen evenly lit across the entire surface, with higher saturation and more brilliance than possible with a front-lit sign.

Aldi - Various US Locations

Aldi - Various US Locations

Off The Wall designs, builds, and installs various types of light boxes. The difference between each type is the kind of light source used behind the picture surface and where the light sources are placed. The following examples use highly efficient LED lights around the perimeters of the box.

Making each letter its own individual light box is another example of how Off The Wall creates signs using internal LED lighting.

Giant Food Stores - Various Pennsylvania locations

Giant Food Stores - Various Pennsylvania locations

Whether you need a ten-foot-tall light box or individually lit letters, Off The Wall can make LED light boxes in all sizes and configurations.


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