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Off The Wall Makes Counters and Cabinets

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Off The Wall is well known for its store design, decor, and signage. Counter- and cabinet-making have been an essential facet of this repertoire for over forty years.

Target Optical - Luxottica - Ohio

We are currently in the midst of a multi-year rollout across the U.S. with various customers, including Target's Optical Departments, and JOANN.

JOANN - Various US Locations

Here is some of the work we have done recently for JOANN as part of a national rollout.

JOANN - Various US Locations

Other clients include supermarkets such as Uncle Giuseppe's in Long Island, NY.

Uncle Giuseppe"s - Morris Plains, NJ

No job is too small, too far, or too complicated. Our project management team and industry-leading technology deliver exceptional results.

Royal Farms - Various PA locations

Royal Farms - Various PA locations

This is a customer service counter for Subaru, USA.

A&T Subaru - Telford, PA

Below are examples of millwork delivered all over the U.S. for Target's Optical Departments.

Target Optical - Luxottica - Alabama

Target Optical - Luxottica - Ohio

Target Optical - Luxottica - Fredricksburg, VA

To date, Off The Wall has delivered thousands of units to over 100 Target locations.

Target Optical - Luxottica - Dumfries, VA

Target Optical - Luxottica - Alabama

consisting of over 60 different types of cabinets, desks, counters, and shelving units.

Target Optical - Luxottica - Ohio

Target Optical - Luxottica - Various US locations

For a collaborative relationship creating your custom millwork and for your commercial casework solutions, contact Off The Wall, no matter where you are based in the U.S. or Canada.

Call us at 215 453 9400, or click on the messaging box in the corner of this page!


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