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Off The Wall: Bakeries Re-Imagined

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

According to a Penn State University study, taste buds crave foods with contrasting textures, a phenomenon called "dynamic sensory contrast."

This might explain why, even when inflation was at its highest and people were watching their food budgets, bakeries did not take as big a hit as one would expect of a department selling things that can taste and smell so richly extravagant.

No department assaults more senses simultaneously than a bakery.

A store's signage and decor should work to alert customers where the wonderful smells are emanating from..

Off The Wall has been working with supermarkets to enhance shoppers' environments for over forty years.

Using the latest techniques in value engineering, we guarantee that all signage or decor is of a manageable weight no matter its size and that it will attract customers from across the store.

Off The Wall specializes in lightweight materials that look like wood, stone, or metal.

Sometimes, the best decor is just an image of the product itself. We also have you covered there with the most sophisticated printers available to our industry.

The right type of display and shelving will boost sales as well. Off The Wall excels in traditional as well as modern millwork.

Our designers and engineers work closely with clients to ensure the decor in the entire store all goes together.

Off The Wall. Contact us to experience Retail, Re-imagined.


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