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Off The Wall and The Elements of Design

Updated: Jan 24

Off The Wall has been designing and fabricating decor and millwork for nearly half a century. We stand by each job as a successful experience and one for each following project to build from.

Key Foods in Albertson, NY

Creative and effective manipulation of specific building blocks on each job is the key to success. These blocks are also known as the elements of design:

  1. Color

  2. Line

  3. Texture

  4. Shape/form

  5. Space

The COLOR of each piece of decor and signage in a department is the critical element for establishing an overall mood. It's the first thing a customer will perceive from across the store and then move them in that direction.

Uncle Giuseppe's - Morris Plains

Off The Wall designers pay close attention to the tenets of color theory and where combinations of color fall on the color wheel to create color schemes.  

ShopRite in Cherry Hill, NJ

Fabricators must then realize these concepts on the factory floor, where a client's and designer's ideas come to life.

Gelson's in Calabasas, CA

A LINE is two or more points connected in space thereby directing the viewer's eye. This can be a single line between two points, or a series of parallel lines, or other shapes beginning and ending at corresponding points to create a pattern.

ShopRite in Cromwell, NY

SuperOne in Superior WI

Off The Wall uses this element to direct a customer's gaze to desired points within the retail environment.

ShopRite in Moosic, PA

TEXTURE in decor is the visual representation of a tactile experience. This can look rough, smooth, or ribbed, creating an imagined feel that results in more visual interest and a heightened sensory experience.

Whole Foods in Palm Beach, FL

DeCicco's in Somers, NY

FORM has to do with how a SHAPE fills a SPACE.

ShopRite in Yardley, PA

Basically, a shape is an area surrounded by an outline. That outline can convey meaning or a feeling if it looks like or reminds someone of a familiar object. To this end, shapes and forms can be organic, geometric, or abstract.

ShopRite in Bethlehem, PA

ShopRite in Swedesboro, NJ

A form can also direct a viewer's eye if it has strong linear properties,

ShopRite in Moosic, PA

A form can overwhelm and impress someone experiencing it with how much space it fills, and this could be either a lot, or a little, with a vast amount of space around it.

Off The Wall can help retailers with ideas to utilize all these elements to come up with decor that effectively attracts the attention of their customers.


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