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Off The Wall and Supermarket Coffee Bars

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Serving and consuming freshly brewed coffee outside traditional coffee shops has been happening for decades. Beginning years ago in convenience marts and small specialty grocery stores as a "to-go" item, supermarkets soon realized the benefits of providing this courtesy to their customers as they shopped.

Rastelli's - Marlton, NJ

Aside from studies suggesting that caffeine is linked to higher overall spending due to increased impulse buying, supermarkets are aware that customers appreciate access to a beverage as they stroll through a supermarket.

Whole Foods - New York, NY

But in 2023, supermarket coffee bars have also become destinations for coffee connoisseurs. They offer a range of specialty coffee options, including single-origin beans, cold brews, and pour-over methods. This diversification caters to different taste preferences and elevates the overall coffee experience.

Uncle Giuseppe's - Morris Plains, NJ

Beyond just coffee, these bars offer many artisanal food options. From gourmet pastries and breakfast sandwiches to charcuterie boards and desserts, customers can enjoy a complete dining experience.

Whole Foods - Winter Park, FL

Some coffee bars host events like coffee tastings, brewing workshops, and open mic nights, fostering a sense of community within the supermarket.

Gelson's - Calabasas, CA

In 2023, coffee bars in supermarkets have evolved beyond mere convenience stops. They now serve as destinations for coffee aficionados, eco-conscious consumers, and those seeking a sense of community within the supermarket setting. These trends are transforming coffee bars into dynamic, sustainable, and inclusive spaces catering to today's shoppers' diverse needs.

ShopRite - Riverhead, NY

Off The Wall specializes in all types of retail decor, including dynamic and attention-grabbing designs for supermarket coffee bars.


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