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Murals by Off The Wall

Murals, especially those by Off The Wall, are enormous, glorified, beautiful signs that convey their message visually or with a minimum of words.

But they do more than communicate information. Murals attract attention from across the expanse of a selling floor and, at the same time, create a feeling.

Not all décor elements are signs, but all signs should be décor elements.

Off The Wall began as a sign company over 45 years ago. It quickly evolved into the design and fabrication of décor as well, but it has never lost sight of the basic principles of what makes an effective sign.​

Off The Wall treats all signs as décor elements.

With multiple printers, some measuring 15 feet across, practically any size and number of murals are possible.

And with over two million square feet to invent, improve, design, build, and ship from, it is no wonder Off The Wall is a national leader in the re-imagination of retail interiors.


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