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Improving the Shopping Experience

Coaxing customers to linger in a store longer is something all retailers aspire to do. But getting in and out as quickly as possible is what most customers are accustomed to doing. Retailers who improve the shopping experience through interior design and services will lengthen shoppers' visits and this will increase sales.

Interior design includes things like lighting and color. (Here is an article we ran on how colors can make a customer feel) What does a walk through a store feel like to a customer? What do the decor and colors say about the merchant's brand? Is the lighting competing for attention with the products and the decor, or is it enhancing the shopper's experience?

Providing more relaxing and sociable spaces where customers can make connections is one service stores should not overlook. The environment must be inviting and made comfortable. This trend in supermarkets, for instance, continues to grow.

In urban settings, providing more convenient parking will be a factor in gaining an edge over competitors. In addition, parking structures will need to appear as an inviting and integrated part of a neighborhood's landscape. Retailers will also be wise to start the branding experience and something announcing the welcoming feel of their store with something as simple as graphics in their parking structures.

Prepared foods, delis, sushi, and bakeries are all departments driving up the numbers of customers returning to brick-and-mortar shopping. These are all areas where customers congregate already that could benefit from comfortable seating and ease of purchase registers. Convenience stores are already aware of this and have been growing into cafe-like experiences for many years now.

Here is an article that focuses on prepared foods in supermarkets today.

For a look at more cafes and prepared food departments by Off The Wall, please click here.


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