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How Fresh is Your Produce Decor?

Young consumers are driving the growth in produce sales, especially in the sector of organic fruits and vegetables. Some estimates are citing that sales will grow as much as 5% to 10% in 2022.

The top reason most customers cite for choosing one grocery store over another is the quality of the fresh produce found there.

Retailers can enhance this experience with the look, feel, and usability of their produce departments, as well as the freshness and esthetic appeal of the fruits and vegetables sold there.

But for a positive experience to be complete, these qualities must be reflected in the murals and signage attracting clients into the produce department. In the picture below, Off The Wall has created real windows in front of a mural that looks like a sky lit vista.

The design of any retail environment is meant to attract the customers' attention and guide them into various departments. Nothing does this as well as color, familiar imagery, and the written word.

Other design elements such as contrast between the sizes of shapes, three-dimensionality against a flat surface, and leading lines help accomplish this as well.

These have been a few examples of work Off The Wall has done in the Produce Departments for various supermarkets.


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