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Causes of Exponential Growth in U.S. Coffee Sales

Changing consumer lifestyles, such as longer working hours and less free time, working from home, and more varieties of coffee than ever before, are causing exponential growth of both packaged and brewed coffee sales in American supermarkets and cafes.

ShopRite - Yardley, PA

Supermarkets play a key role in exposing consumers to novel products and artisanal single-origin coffees. Despite high food prices, customers are willing to pay for both packaged and readymade coffee.

DeCicco's - Larchmont, NY

McCaffrey's - New Hope, PA

Product placement of packaged whole bean and ground coffee in supermarket brewed coffee departments effectively increases sales in this growing market.

DeCicco's - Somer, NY

In Kyoto, Japan, the Ogawa Coffee store is best known for its kissaten-style cafés, but "the chain's latest outpost in Shimokitazawa is an entirely new concept. Ogawa Coffee Laboratory is not a café, and can best be described as a bean salon, offering coffee masterclasses where you can learn to do more with your beans." More on this at Time Out New York:

For a statistical look at coffee sales in the US, visit the Yahoo Finance site here:

"The US Coffee Market size is estimated at USD 28.06 billion in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 33.64 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 3.69% during the forecast period (2024-2029)."

This article in Food And Wine magazine details the choices consumers are making in spite of rising food costs:

"Per the National Coffee Association, daily coffee consumption is at a 20-year high, up by nearly 40% since 2004 — driven mainly by consumers ages 25 and up. Possibly the result of little treat culture, even specialty coffee saw some growth, with 57% of Americans having had a specialty coffee drink in the past week, which is up by 7.5% year-over-year."

Finally, this a look at where coffee growth is most prevalent across the United States:

"The nation's coffee visit growth is being fueled, in large part, by chain expansions," said in the report. "Major coffee players are leaning into growing demand by steadily increasing their footprints. And a look at per-location foot traffic trends shows that by and large, they are doing so without significantly diluting visitation to existing stores."


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