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Background Check

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Whole Foods - Palm Beach, FL

As in fine art painting and photography, the importance of a powerful background cannot be overestimated. Although often overlooked in favor of the foreground elements, that is, the writing on the wall, it is the background that will give the letters of a sign any hope of being impressive and, so, effective.

David's Bridal - New Jersey

Three-D dimensionality is one of the most dynamic elements for an effective background. This treatment, for a David's Bridal shop in New Jersey, utilized hundreds of artificial ivy leaves to make the client's message, written in a white cursive, stand out.

Whole Foods - Altamonte, FL

Much of the decor fabricated for Whole Foods by Off The Wall is authentic. The wood used is all reclaimed

Whole Foods - Palm Beach, FL

Deep dimensionality in the meat and seafood department at this Whole Foods is enhanced with a rust-colored corrugated metal backdrop and, in front of that, a slightly undersized white wood frame right up against the letters.

The reclaimed wood motif runs along the bottom of the sign and really makes the white lamps pop. But the lamps themselves as well as the reclaimed wood are technically background elements for the letters spelling "Butcher and Fishmonger".

Whole Foods - Winter Park, FL

The top half of this wall is reclaimed wood. Off The Wall has numerous sources for barn wood and has a sizable portion of a warehouse devoted to this type of material to choose from. The ceiling is also reclaimed wood, but painted a brown shade of rust. The tile directly behind the lettering provides a great pattern for the various fonts of the Whole Foods mission statement to stand out.

The golden amber wall pulling all the backgrounds and colors together is made of vinyl that was printed at the Off The Wall factory in Telford, PA on one of their various high-tech printers. These printers can print on any material and thickness as is demonstrated below.

Whole Foods - Winter Park, FL

Whole Foods - Winter Park, FL

All but one of the examples used for this article, whether on vinyl, metal, or 3" thick planks, were painted and printed at Off The Wall using one of Off The Wall's various state of the art printers and expert paint department.

Off The Wall - Telford, PA

Off The Wall printers are capable of a high degree of verisimilitude so that when a client calls for faux materials such as brick, wood, concrete, or metal, the vinyl facsimile created is indistinguishable at a distance of 5' or greater.

The illusion of textures created for backgrounds this way will set off the the signs and letters as dynamically as the actual materials would.

Mulberry Market - New York, NY

McCaffrey's - New Hope, PA

McCaffrey's - New Hope, PA

McCaffrey's - New Hope, PA

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