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The Growth of Fruits and Vegetables

Updated: May 23, 2022

Sales growth in fruits and vegetables is growing steadily and food retailers are increasing their efforts to capitalize on consumer demand. Off The Wall, with over forty years of experience designing, fabricating, and installing specialty decor is re-imagining the look and feel of this exploding category across the country

In most stores today, large and small, the produce department is the first thing that greets most customers at the entrance.

What fuels sales, as in any retail department, but especially prepared foods and produce, is presentation, presentation, and most importantly, presentation.

Produce sections are expanding to meet their customer's interest in fresh and healthy food and produce sections are increasingly being stocked not only with locally grown fruits and vegetables but also with new and exotic varieties of grown foods as well as juice bars and pre-cut fruits and vegetables.

Within this fast-growing market, organic produce is multiplying in leaps and bounds. Off the Wall can work with produce managers towards understanding what their customers want and grouping foods like this to make selections easier.

Foods like avocados, used to make guacamole, should be positioned near tomatoes and onions as well as salad and sandwich components. And it would be smart to place tropical produce, which started with Hispanic and other tropical population groups, together with foods associated with these populations. This type of planning and layout will increase sales.

Off The Wall re-imagines, designs, fabricates, and installs dynamic signs and store decor.

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