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Organically Designed

Established in 1996, Dean’s Natural Food Market is one of our most health and environmentally conscious clients. Committed to providing their customers with quality organic foods and natural products Dean's is also very active in their communities supporting local causes that contribute to the betterment of the environment and their neighbors. So naturally, Off The Wall was very happy when the opportunity arose to design and fabricate a stand-alone cafe that reflected these values.

Dean Nelson and his son Eric wanted a coffee house atmosphere but one that was different from that of the typical coffee house chains that currently abound. What our client was after was a natural/organic look and also something that would project what the their brand represents.

The store was conceived with the following in mind: to maximize the customer seating area and to accommodate an attractive, workable kitchen/preparation space; and to present Dean's particular menu of assorted natural healthy prepared foods along with a smoothie bar, as well as specialty teas/coffees and self-service Kombucha. The only colors Off The Wall designers used throughout the cafe were colors found in nature.

The organic/natural motif continued with veined leaf wallpaper and matching skein around the drum lamp in the lounge area designed and fabricated by Off The Wall. The walls were covered with rough-hewn ship planks and we spec'd the metal strapped wood lighting fixture over the community table as well as the flooring material, seating, and fabric from Knoll Textiles for the banquettes.

Off The Wall was able to accomplish all of this within the client's schedule and budget. We are very proud of our efforts for Dean's Cafe in Metuchin, NJ.

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