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Psychology of Dimensional Lettering

Simply stated, "dimensional lettering" is a three-dimensional sign. Each letter protrudes from the wall it is affixed to or from the base on which it is attached. This type of wording is effective because it is bolder than two-dimensional signage. It calls attention to itself by standing out or apart from its background.

Whole Foods - Altamonte Sprints, FL

Overall the signage in any retail space is more effective if the manner of presentation, colors, and scale of various signs are mixed up a bit. Adding dimensional letters to the visual merchandising mix keeps customers from being lulled by what could gradually become "wallpaper" to their perception of a retail space as they move through it.

Whole Foods - Palm Beach, FL

Even within the category of dimensional letter signage there are numerous manners of presentation. The most basic method is to simply affix the letters to a wall or onto wallpaper.

Office Depot, Miami Beach, FL

But smooth letters on a textured surface can add perceptual excitement as in these examples from David's Bridal and Albertson's Foodstore.

David's Bridal, New Jersey

Office Depot - Winter Park, FL

Albertson's - New York

Lighting plays a key role in dimensional lettering as well. The angle of shadow thrown by each letter along its sides and top or bottom will not only dramatically increase eye attraction but also express something of an institution's character as in this bold but sober bank lobby sign

Essa Bank - Stroudsburg, PA

Another way of building a dimensional letter sign is to mount each letter on a block or stand that puts distance between the letters and the wall behind them. As with the smooth letters in front of textured backgrounds, the type of background set a short distance behind these letters will result in very different effects.

ShopRite - Hainesport, NJ

SuperOne - Grand Rapids, MI

ShopRite - Flemington, NJ

One very exciting effect results when a three-dimensional background is built up behind letters:

ShopRite - Southington, Conn

SuperOne - Grand Rapids, MI

SuperOne - Grand Rapids, MI

All of the examples in this article were designed, fabricated, and installed by Off The Wall Co. which has over forty years experience producing retail space decor.

Thermwood CNC letter machine - Off The Wall Co., LLC in Telford, PA

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