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New Look for ShopRite of Cinnaminson

Off The Wall Company, LLC has announced it is giving Eickhoff’s ShopRite in Cinnaminson, New Jersey a makeover. OTW designed, fabricated, and installed the store’s original dimensional décor in 2009 to much acclaim. It was based on a model that OTW was already using in various other Eickhoff stores at the time.

Most of the design elements being planned for use in the Cinnaminson face-lift have been in place in other Eickhoff stores since 2014 beginning with the Del Ran location. The Cinnaminson store is part of Eickhoff's and OTW's chain-wide renovation. Off The Wall has been partnering with Eickhoff family for over 25 years on the design and implementation of decor on all their stores. John Chittick, founder of the 40 year-old design + build firm, remembers that this relationship with the Eickhoffs “goes back to a little store we did for them in Willingboro back in the 'nineties.”

Eight years ago the Eickhoff Shoprites wanted a more whimsical and splashy look. The dimensional letters in the picture below were made of brushed aluminum at Off The Wall's factory in Telford, PA. They are much lighter in weight than they look. The playful letters were mounted on milled tongue and groove hardwood boards. OTW printed the red and yellow sunburst design directly onto the boards using their VuteK printer.

Out with the old and

ShopRite Cinnaminson prepared food court in 2009

In with the new:

Cinnaminson Dairy Department in 2017

ShopRite Cinnaminson new design 2017

ShopRite Cinnaminson new wallpaper in Dairy Department

For the updated look, Off The Wall is using a vinyl wall covering throughout the store which has been custom printed on their new VuteK. Steve Melnick, Executive VP of Operations at OTW says that this printer has a variety of capabilities and can work on practically any surface up to 10 feet wide and up to 3 feet thick. As is evident from the elevations above, murals will be spaced between sections of vinyl wall covering. The murals are also printed in-house by OTW.

Replacing the florid brushed aluminum letters, OTW's designers selected an Adobe Garamond Pro font. The new dimensional letters are made of polystyrene and laminated with brass-toned aluminum. They are mounted on a laminated wood beam supported by custom-made metal brackets.

The next step after the store has been wallpapered and murals installed is replacing the previous decor in other departments, such as Prepared Foods, with the new dimensional decor.

So this look:

will become this look:

The new design and fabrication for this generation of stores complies with ShopRite’s and Eickhoff's strict specifications for using the latest energy-saving and sustainable technologies.

The Cinnaminson re-model is scheduled to be completed by November of 2017.

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