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Thinking Outside the Box With Visual Merchandising

In this review of how visual merchandising experts are catching the attention of consumers who may be otherwise distracted while out shopping, Lee Cullumbine and Robert Fletcher speak with leaders in the field of visual merchandising about what is new.

A few of the key points:

  • Don't lose sight of the message or have too many messages. The stock and the products always need to be the hero, and you will want a single theme to stand out.

  • These themes must be relevant "both to the stock they are trying to sell and to what is currently happening in the world outside."

  • Some of the most successful productions today combine light, sounds, props, and decoration to bring visual merchandising to life in as many sensory ways as possible.

  • The best visual merchandising creates an experience for consumers by affecting their senses to appeal and evoke an emotive response.

Click here to read the entire article on Retail Focus.


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