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Fonts In Retail

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

There are over half a million fonts in the world. Fonts are visual, psychological elements that can transfer feelings to the people experiencing them while communicating information. Fonts describe not only the products they draw customers to but the business that has chosen and designed them. They say something about how a customer is perceived.

DeCicco's - Somers, NJ

Gelsons Market - Callabasas, CA

Knowing which font to use and where takes years of experience. By working with various fonts and examining how they blend with all the other signage in a store, Off The Wall can help companies make more informed decisions to evoke specific emotions or reactions from their target audience.

Giant - Falls Church, VA

DeCicco's - Somers, NJ

Off The Wall has been designing, advising, collaborating, and fabricating lettering in retail settings for over forty years.

Uncle Giuseppe's - Morris Plains, NJ

In a supermarket, not only are the products competing for the customers' attention, but the various departments are too. Once shoppers have checked an item off their lists, they look for another one. Or they could be reminded of something they hadn't thought of by an attention-grabbing font between points on their itinerary.

SuperOne - Superior, WI

For most people, shopping is a chore. So what could be worse than an environment with lettering design that reinforces the feeling shopping is purely business?

ShopRite - Cherry Hill, NJ

Mixing fonts on individual signs or using playful lettering in various parts of the store creates a lighter mood while engaging with a customer's attention.

Whole Foods - Winter Park, FL

Mixing colors with the various fonts while staying within a retailer's design scheme adds another level of communication and perception to the job of lettering.

ShopRite - Moosic, PA

Off Wall has the experience and all the tools required to design, fabricate, and install an infinite number of shapes and colors to all half a million fonts.


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