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DeCicco's of Somers, NY Chosen Store of the Month by Progressive Grocer

Congratulations to DeCicco and Sons of Somers, NY! Off The Wall is proud to have collaborated with this progressive supermarket in Somers and six other stores in the past.

John DeCicco, CEO/CFO of this New York chain had this to say of our work together:

We have worked with Off the Wall on over 7 major projects now and they have never let us down.

From their stellar project management staff, to their detail-oriented creative team, to the fabrication and installation teams: they turn all of our craziest thoughts and desires into reality.

Combining our wishes with their own imagination and design, we always get a store that is distinct and unique in its very own way.

To get a sense of how the collaboration between Off The Wall and DeCicco's works, here is an interview with the project manager, Dan Hefele:

When did OTW begin work on the DeCicco and Sons store in Somers, NY?

Dan Hefele (DH): The initial design discussion for DeCicco's Somers began in fall of 2017. The original direction was a boutique market with an Italian villa feel. At that time, we developed a small option package given that guidance. Unfortunately, the project itself stalled as the owners negotiated with the local township and finalized the building purchase.

How long was the delay?

DH: Nearly a year. – It wasn't until the summer of 2018 that the project was reinvigorated.

How did the project proceed then?

DH: Off The Wall and the Decicco family worked closely together and progressed through a series of design changes beginning with an extensive mood board which determined the final design direction – Vintage Industrial style.

The collaborative efforts of the Family, their architect, and OTW allowed the design to evolve into what is one of the most impressive stores in the area.

What was the next stage?

DH: Prior to OTW beginning installation of what we fabricated, all of the wall finishes including corrugated metal, stucco, brick and reclaimed lumber had to be installed based on the design.

OTW then added simple yet effective décor elements – stenciling throughout the store, dimensional lettering (both wood and metal), laminated and metal railing showcasing exposed hardware.

What did OTW do aside from this perimeter decor?

DH: OTW designed and fabricated the aisle guides specifically for the Somers store – incorporating metal and frosted acrylic which reflected the service wall and column white artisan tiles. Some of our secondary elements include customer service and welcome signage – the first impactful visage upon entering the store.

Tell us something of OTW's history with Decicco and Sons

DH: Somers was the 6th DeCicco and Son’s project completed since OTW began working with the Family in 2012. The first three locations – Harrison, Armonk and Brewster NY maintained the boutique Italian market feel, but the design and “flavor” shifted to the more industrial design in Larchmont, NY.

What's next for Off The Wall and Decicco's?

DH: The next project scheduled for next year is Eastchester, NY which will use Somers as a basis for design but will incorporate more overhead and décor lighting units.

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