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CASE STUDIES:   T V   W a l l

The Challenge

BJ's of Framingham, Mass. needed to update its retail space and increase their brand recognition in electronics.  They wanted to do this by moving their flatscreen selection to the inside surface of an exterior wall.

The wall had structural and electrical obstructions as well as an exitway which had to be considered in the solution. 


And they needed everything done before Black Friday two weeks away.

The Solution

A focal wall 16-feet high that appears to be covered ceiling to floor with flat screen TVs to draw customers across the entire store.

OTW worked with monitor-mounting hardware attached to the interior surface of the exterior wall that poked through sixty-five linear feet of wall panels made of brilliant white 6-mil  PVC hanging from ceiling-mounted Unistrut and aircraft cable.

Attched to this are cleated sintra graphics for brand logos that can be easily updated as POGs change over time.

The End Result


OFF THE WALL  provides innovative solutions for retail environments

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