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A New Beer and Wine Department for ShopRite of Yardley, PA

Pennsylvania's complex alcohol laws can be traced back to the Prohibition era, but in the last decade the rules have loosened up a bit. Today, stores with areas set aside for eating foods prepared on the premises are allowed to sell limited amounts of beer and wine.

Beer and wine departments in supermarkets are now a growing trend in Pennsylvania. The aim is to accommodate one-stop shopping

This ShopRite in Yardley recently opened its new beer and wine department and in-store cafe on Saturday, March 19. Off The Wall designed, fabricated, and installed original decor for the new Beer and Wine area of the store, as well as the Cafe checkout, eating area, and Catering office.

The design complements the rest of the store and creates visual impact for the new department. Natural wood textures are offset by clean white brick walls and select use of color. A large series of letter sets invite customers to "pause" or "play" in this space. A large mid-modern angled canopy declares "Beer and Wine" across the store for all to see.

This angled canopy is suspended over the beverage shelves and next to the seating area. It is visible from the the Sushi and other prepared food counters as well.

The newly remodeled section stocks an assortment of carefully curated wines and beer. Nearly 200 different brews, including domestic, imported, and craft beers, are offered to shoppers, along with top-selling organic and kosher wines, among other selections.

In the Cafe, a beautiful river's edge landscape in sunset colors dominates a corner of the cafe next to the window counter. Seating is a mix of group tables and counter stools.

Connected to the Cafe and the Beer and Wine department is the store's Catering office.

Off The Wall - from concept to fabrication to installation, nobody does it better. We look forward to more opportunities to create spaces that inspire our customers and their communities.

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