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The Impact of Back-Lit Signs

Lighting in many stores stops at illumination, and most of that is aimed at products.

Back-Lit fluted polycarbonate panels - ShopRite - Moosic, PA

Fair enough, that is, after all, what the customers are there for. But often, getting them to those products is the job of signage and decor, and in many cases the lighting of these design elements is treated as an afterthought.

Back-Lit Letters - Gelson's Market - Calabasas, CA

Glare on signs diminishes their visibility and is the main problem with poorly-planned lighting.

Illuminated Plexi - ShopRite - Hainesport, NJ

Glare-Free, Back-Lit produce sign on stretched fabric - Aldi's - Baltimore

As is illustrated by the examples pictured in this article, Off The Wall gets around this problem with signs and letters lit from behind.

Key Foods SuperFresh - Bay Ridge, NY

ShopRite - Cinnaminson, NJ

Using a variety of materials and engineering techniques signs become decor and decor becomes impactful.

ShopRite - Cinnaminson, NJ

Off The Wall designs, fabricates, and installs innovative and effective decor. See more of our work here


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