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ShopRite of Deer Park, NY

The Thompson Family's ShopRite in Deer Park, NY evokes a walk through a European outdoor marketplace. Off The Wall fabricated and installed all 3-dimensional decor that looks like brick and plaster walls with flowerboxes and windows reflecting gorgeous cloud-filled skies.

Originally opened seven years ago, this is the store's first significant remodel.

Much of the store's brick and plaster facades as well as the reflections in windows are high-definition images printed on durable vinyl.

This charming unit creates a frame around the entire store and conceals refrigeration pipes and electrical wiring.

Thematic islands throughout the center of the store replace long aisles of product with attention-catching decor and signage.

Off The Wall is a team of designers, engineers, fabricators, installers, and a full-service facility that has been creating innovative and value-engineered decor and signage for nearly fifty years.


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