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Gelsons - Calabasas, CA

What should the decor of a bakery try to communicate? Fresh...Old-fashioned...Natural...A return to basics: these are some of the more common messages customers feel in these areas of a store.

DeCicco- Somers, NJ

Uncle Giusseppe's - Morris, NJ

SuperOne - Superior, WI

But designs need to be well anchored in the present to affect a broader audience.

SuperOne - Grand Rapids WI

The use of wood motifs is often balanced by the industrial feel of exposed ceilings, decorative metal, and the airy, clean look of glass.

Rastelli's - Marlton, NJ

McCaffrey's - New Hope, PA

Brick, molding, wallpaper, and wood can all come together with metal, glass, and marble.

Balducci's - Manhattan, NY

Off The Wall never underestimates the aesthetic impact contrasting elements can have on each other.

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