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Retail and Decor news from around the country


ShopRite’s Fresh to Table was introduced back in the fall of 2020 and is a store-within-a-store concept with a focus on meal solutions and healthy, on-trend foods in a number of grab-and-go formats, including sections called Prep & Eat, Heat & Eat and Grab & Eat.


Sushi has been a staple in prepared foods sections of supermarkets since the early 1980s. This is also around the time prepared foods, or delis, became gourmet food departments in some supermarkets.


In the mid-80s, people were cooking less, and grocery stores were losing market share to gourmet and specialty stores.


According to AAA, 42.3 million Americans are projected to travel 50 miles or more from home this Memorial Day weekend — a 7 percent increase over 2022. With 2.7 million more people traveling compared to last year, it could be a sign of what's to come in the months ahead.


When pictures occupy a larger area of the sign than simple lettering, a more desirable way of lighting the entire sign evenly and without hotspots is with a light box.

Simply described, a light box is a translucent surface illuminated from inside with no light spilled behind the sign or leaking around it. The graphic will be seen evenly lit across the entire surface, with higher saturation and more brilliance than possible with a front-lit sign.


A study published on Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health looked at data from 50,000 households collected between 2008-2020, looking at trends in household food purchases by type of store. What they found is that a smaller share of food purchases are being done at grocery stores, and a growing amount of food is bought at dollar stores, as well as larger shopping centers and department stores.


Once you've been a designer long enough, it's common to find yourself sticking to the same, tried-and-tested typefaces year in, year out. But while that may make it easy to keep churning out good, solid, dependable designs, it does run the risk of becoming... well, a little boring.

So it's always good to look for new fonts that can help you mix things up, experiment, and hopefully come up with visuals that will entice and excite you.


Pizza is a perennial American favorite that, as big as it already is, somehow continues to get bigger every year.

Grocery prepared foods sections are continuing to thrive post-COVID, as consumers who got used to saving money by not going out to eat as much increasingly look to the perimeter for easy meal solutions.

Put those two food facts together and what do you get? Surging demand for ready-to-eat and heat-and-eat pizza in deli/prepared.


Off The Wall is excited to announce that William Smith has been hired as their new Director of Production and Quality Control. Will brings over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering in the custom store fixture and signage industry.


"In line with PepsiCo's Racial Equality Journey goals to support and uplift diverse suppliers, this year we chose to focus on Hispanic-owned entrepreneurs," said Esperanza Teasdale, vice president & general manager, Hispanic business unit, PepsiCo Beverages North America. "We are extremely excited and proud to offer diverse companies an opportunity to grow their businesses with our support, especially emerging food and beverage brands. 


Consumers are returning to the physical store for all the advantages it offers: the ability to touch, feel and experience the brand — and most importantly, be a part of the brand’s community or “tribe.” Brands should focus on creating an experiential space that takes advantage of all that in-store has to offer.


There are over half a million fonts in the world. Fonts are visual, psychological elements that can transfer feelings to the people experiencing them while communicating information. Fonts describe not only the products they draw customers to but the business that has chosen and designed them. They say something about how a client is perceived.


Retailers and brands are coming out of a pandemic that has essentially lasted three years. Over the past year, challenges across the supply chain, inflationary pricing, economic uncertainty, and geo-political factors have taxed retailers and squeezed the financials. With the new year, however, there is a positive outlook and focus on the customer shopping journey.


As the retail sector has struggled to adapt to changes wrought by both the rise of online shopping and the pandemic, convenience stores and grocery stores are experiencing pressure from another source: dollar stores.

While the value market has long offered customers deep discounts, its bread and butter has traditionally been household goods. However, according to a new report from Coresight, Dollar Stores: Flexing Muscle in U.S. Grocery, the channel has started to make inroads into fresh food and grocery items.


Anyone that has spent time observing shopper behavior in their store has noticed that there are distinct areas, or “zones”, that customers pass through. Some of these areas are high in traffic, some low. Other zones might be full of people who seem to be just standing there.


One of the factors driving growth in the industry and a factor that will continue to drive sales for convenience stores is customer’s desire for a shopping experience that allows them to quickly come in, find what they need, speed through the checkout lane, and go about their day. 

Your goal should be to create a shopping environment where that can happen. First you have to know what you’re selling and what your customers are looking for.  


VIDEO: What are the forces that are impacting supermarket expansion today? Lisa Helfman of H-E-B Grocery Company will talk about what’s new at the iconic Texas chain. Chloe Riley of Supermarket News will discuss the trends on her radar and what she’s looking for in 2023. James Cook of JLL will reveal new grocery research and what it says about the state of the industry. 


ShopRite of Huntington opened its new store recently to scores of shoppers eager to see the newly designed store and ready to start shopping. Many mentioned how happy they were about the store's arrival.


Although the inflation picture has improved since peaking in June 2022 (with living costs rising at a 9.1% rate for the previous 12-month period), challenges remain. Supply chain shortfalls were a major concern during inflation’s surge that began in early 2021. This represented a shortage of commodities, parts or products that created an imbalance in supply and demand, forcing prices higher.

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