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Retail and Decor news from around the country

Retail and Decor news from around the country


Sprouts Farmers Market is on a rescue mission when it comes to produce. The specialty retailer announced the introduction of a Rescued Organics program at its California stores, aimed at preventing edible food loss on farms.

Gelson's - Calabasas

Signage and decor shine brightest along the perimeters of the most exciting stores.  Perimeter departments are where a store differentiates itself from its competitors with freshness and quality of product, attention to service, and the aesthetic presentation of perishable goods.


Premium commercial food equipment manufacturer Hobart has announced it will give away a custom-designed Legacy+ HL662 pizza dough mixer (valued at $30,000) at the 2023 International Pizza Expo, set for March 28–30 in Las Vegas.

Hobart encourages visitors to stop by booth 1113 to check out the 2023 mixer design and enter for a chance to win. The mixer will be unveiled on the first day of the expo. 


Adventure is back on the menu as people travel to new places and embrace unfamiliar cuisines. According to experts, food and drink shoppers will continue their love affair with international flavors and unexpected blends in 2023. At the same time, a subset of consumers is still drawn to the comfort of classic, nostalgic, mood-boosting tastes as well as flavors strongly linked to health and wellness. Here, we take a look at the numerous flavor trends commanding food and drink shelves in 2023.


Off The Wall works on complex projects with various clients, efficiently juggling globalization, new materials, and technological advances.Nowhere is this more evident than in the large-scale orders for retail millwork the company has been filling for many years.


Rising U.S. consumer prices moderated again last month, bolstering hopes that inflation’s grip on the economy will continue to ease this year and possibly require less drastic action by the Federal Reserve to control it.


Powered by Grabango, the checkout-free store in Brentwood allows shoppers to save time and skip the line by checking out via the Grabango app. The experience is fully contactless; shoppers select the items they want and are billed through the app. 


Signage and lighting are only a couple of elements of effective store design. A well-planned and designed store will convey its personality and values to its customers with all of its decor, not only at the entrance, and not only with its signage, but throughout each department of the entire establishment.


It is predicted that long checkout lines costs $37.7 million to the companies since these queues demotivate people from shopping. One way to tackle this down is adopting Checkout-free store systems. 


In response to food inflation, consumers have adjusted their shopping habits in two major ways that have given supermarket delis a boost.

The first shift has been consumers buying more prepared foods from grocery stores rather than restaurants. 


A pandemic-driven boom in warehousing demand is showing signs of slowing, as companies grow more cautious about leasing in an uncertain economy and look to pare back the big inventory stockpiles that have swamped storage space this year.


There are certain things that customers may always want to do in person and not online. One of these is shopping for prepared foods at a supermarket or deli.


Retailers take a number of different approaches when it comes to return policies. The challenge is to strike a balance between consumers’ habits and expectations and the logistical obstacles that come with bringing merchandise back into your ecosystem.


The main purpose of retail design is to attract the customer’s attention and guide him or her to various departments. Nothing does this as well as color, familiar imagery, and the written word. Other elements of design such as contrast between the sizes of shapes, three-dimensionality against a flat surface, and leading lines help accomplish this as well.


In essence, it's just a CNC [computer numerical control] machine [which can automate the use of a physical tool through software] – probably the most common machine in manufacturing these days. But, instead of having a mill or laser, it has a nozzle and sprays glaze.


Cheese must be one of the best discoveries of humans besides breadmaking, wine, brewing beer and ales. Cheese, bread, wine and beer were made for each other and have become an important part of our daily eating and drinking lives.

Let’s take a look at the global cheese industry facts that are making waves in 2022.


Cheese is one of the primary ingredients in foods such as pizza, sandwiches, and salads. Along with its longer shelf life without preservatives, appealing flavor profile, and comparatively low cost, this has caused cheese to have seen a spike in popularity with American shoppers.


Changes to the grocery landscape will continue, shaped by both macroeconomic factors and those pesky, always-changing consumer preferences. PG surveyed the competitive landscape over the past century to identify those companies that have prioritized innovation, differentiation and community service through every conceivable (and previously inconceivable) operational challenge — and thrived

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