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Out-of-stock (OOS) situations can have a negative impact on CPGs, including diminished customer loyalty and significant loss of profits. However, accessing and leveraging shareable OOS data enables CPGs to harness proactive planning and strategies that decrease the incidence and effect of stockouts, in turn bolstering the bottom line.

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Current shortages result from a combination of increased demand—USDA data shows that demand for foods is up 13% versus last year—and tightening supply,”


Rob Caucci and Bill Thayer, co-CEOs of a New York City-based logistics service platform for retailers explain the strain facing businesses today outlining three waves of challenges in the supply chain that have occurred during the pandemic.


Consumer spending on Halloween-related items is expected to reach an all-time high of $10.14 billion, up from $8.05 billion in 2020, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. Plans to celebrate Halloween are up this year compared with last and are close to pre-pandemic levels.


Many times the importance of lighting at the point of sale is ignored and the focus is on elaborate packaging and store design. Nevertheless, the items on display will only interest customers if they're presented in the right light.


 UVD Robots autonomously disinfect store spaces including shelves, aisles and checkout areas.They provides a comprehensive infection prevention using germicidal UV-C lighting equipment against viruses and bacteria on surfaces and the air, killing more than 99.99 percent of microorganisms including SARS-CoV 2 (coronaviruses) and E. Coli.


Color is the key ingredient in any décor package. Working very closely with their clients, Off The Wall develops a color scheme based on how the clientele in a store is to be affected. Other times the colors in a store have been branding it for many years before OTW begins work and then the trick is to refine the use of those colors into effective harmonies.

Aldi - Brooklyn, NY

Aldi has taken the wraps off a new sustainability charter that commits the discount retailer to various initiatives with goals to be achieved between now and 2030.


MIT’s Sloan School of Management is out with a new study on online pricing showing that prices set by algorithms might not be the lowest or best for shoppers. The researchers, who focused on the e-commerce business of major retailers in the United States, report that continual adjustments result in fluctuating prices across different times and geographies.


Worldwide, e-commerce growth will decelerate substantially this year....We forecast that worldwide e-commerce growth will downshift to 14.3% in 2021, partially because of a brick-and-mortar rebound and partially because so much growth was pulled forward to 2020. We also forecast that overall worldwide retail will rebound to 5.1% growth in 2021.


In the digital age of online shopping, it’s extremely important for brick and mortar stores to captivate their customers once they enter their domain.  With Brick&Mortar rebounding in 2021, stimulating, attention grabbing interiors and other tactics are needed to satisfy the customer experience – and keep them coming back.


Retailers have announced 4,969 store openings so far in 2021, which represents a 58.3% increase over last year, according to a report from Coresight Research.