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The Challenge

Various clients with national retail outlets approached us for ideas on how to be able to "add a room" on their selling floors and in the back areas of their stores.  These national chains wanted to be able to roll out the materials to build these rooms in their stores across the country and to be able to have them installed quickly and with minimal costs.

Additionally, these rooms would have to be flexible enough to be used either for tech centers in the store, management offices, or additional securable storage areas. 


The Solution

1. Off The Wall designed a free-standing configurable module with options for

  • Single or multiple locking doors. 

  • Walls with glass windows, OR

  • walls with open counter windows, OR

  • walls made of a secure solid material.

  • Wiring and conduit for electrical plates and data jacks that could go anywhere.

  • Interior counters, walls, doors, windows, and even stairs.

2. And we fabricated these modules in such a way that they could be

  • assembled legally without permits

  • put together with minimal tools and no heavy equipment

  • easily moved, re-built, removed, or reconfigured

  • packed and shipped without difficulty and inexpensively


The End Result

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