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The Challenge

To design, fabricate, and either ship or install a sign that

  • has highly visible and saturated colors,

  • is brighter than its surroundings,

  • does not reflect hot spots caused by the lights meant to illuminate it,

  • transports easily and inexpensively

  • can be assembled easily by store personnel with no tools or construction expertise

  • has images printed on a material that can be quickly and easily changed


The Solution

A sign made with

  • graphics printed on a fine translucent blend of linen
    and vinyl fibers

  • a lightwieght brushed aluminum frame

  • LED modular lights lined along the interior perimeter

  •  built in corner blocks that snap together and require no
    special tools or skilled labor


The End Result

Lightboxes -- How, When, and Why

When graphics occupy a larger area of the sign than simple lettering, a way of lighting the entire sign evenly becomes desireable.  A popular solution for this is the lightbox.  A lightbox is a translucent surface illuminated from behind.  It is used for situations where a graphic needs to be seen evenly lit across the entire surface and with higher contrast and more brilliance than is possible with a sign lit frontally.

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