Off The Wall Co. Growing Its Design Department

This summer Off The Wall recruited additional graphic artists to more than double the number of personnel in its design department. The company has had a great year so far designing for clients such as Whole Foods, ShopRite, and the fast growing national chain, Aldi. What's more, the amount of business scheduled for the rest of the year shows no signs of letting up. Off The Wall is looking for a dynamic and passionate individual to join our design team as the creative director for the design department. If you are a self-motivated creative individual with the ability to maximize the talents of a highly talented team, of if you know someone that is, then take a look at the full assignme

The Role of Flooring in Retail Design

Signage and lighting are only a couple of elements of effective store design. A well-planned and designed store will convey its personality and values to its customers with all of its decor, not only at the entrance, and not only with its signage, but throughout each department of the entire establishment. Thirty percent of what occupies a client's field of view is the floor. It is peripheral, but it is absolutely conveying a message that a retailer will want to be in control of. A well-conceived and executed floor will affect customers's frames of mind, simplify their shopping experience by accentuating a store's wares, guide them through the store subliminally, and leave them with a pos

Key Food's Food Emporium of Albertson, NY

Off the Wall Co. LLC and Key Food Stores Co-operative Inc., have announced the opening of a completely remodeled Food Emporium. The new store is located in Albertson, New York. Food Emporium of Albertson, NY The Food Emporium banner was acquired from A&P in late 2015 by Key Food Stores Co-op, Inc. Key Food affiliates operate seven stores of which 4 are Food Emporium stores acquired from A&P, and three are additional stores opened by Key Food. Off The Wall Co. LLC is proud to have been associated with the remodels of 11 Key Food stores over the course of 10 years. Their latest collaboration with the Brooklyn-based company in Albertson is no exception. The intent in designing Albertson was

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