Can Store Design Deliver Increased Sales and Customer Loyalty?

In the digital age of online shopping, it’s extremely important for brick and mortar stores to captivate their customers once they enter their domain. With brick and mortar shopping accounting for an estimated $2.5trillion or 87% (compared to online shopping’s 13%) stimulating, attention grabbing interiors and other tactics are needed to satisfy the customer experience – and keep them coming back. Here are three ways to generate sales and insure customers return: Make the right layout: Walk into any large store and see where your eye travels first – followed by your feet of course. Chances are you will veer to the right. Customers tend to move counterclockwise through a store, which means an

New Look for ShopRite of Cinnaminson

Off The Wall Company, LLC has announced it is giving Eickhoff’s ShopRite in Cinnaminson, New Jersey a makeover. OTW designed, fabricated, and installed the store’s original dimensional décor in 2009 to much acclaim. It was based on a model that OTW was already using in various other Eickhoff stores at the time. Most of the design elements being planned for use in the Cinnaminson face-lift have been in place in other Eickhoff stores since 2014 beginning with the Del Ran location. The Cinnaminson store is part of Eickhoff's and OTW's chain-wide renovation. Off The Wall has been partnering with Eickhoff family for over 25 years on the design and implementation of decor on all their stores

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